Yoga Nidra Deep Rest Meditation for the Nervous System Audio CD

Yoga Nidra Therapeutic 78 Minute Deep-Rest Meditation A one hour nidra meditation is equivalent to 4 hours of deep sleep... This meditation practice is an effective remedy for stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, nervous system imbalances, a low immune system and addresses deep rooted impressions stored in the psyche. This CD focuses specifically on addressing the nervous system, while bringing healing to the brain, spinal cord, retina and nerves. This practice is a powerful self-healing tool that assists in strengthening and resetting the nervous system, improving memory and focus, clearing the psycho-emotional body and renewing the body-mind-spirit self. Yoga Nidra is an ancient form of yogic meditation and a wonderful way to nourish yourself from the conscious, subconscious and unconscious states of being. 1 Relaxation 2 Sankalpa: Resolve 3 Rotation of Consciousness: The Sheath of the Physical Body 4 Awareness of Sense Perception 5 Pranamaya Kosha: The Sheath of the Subtle Body 6 Manomaya Kosha: The Sheath of the Psycho-Emotional Body 7 Vijnanamaya Kosha: The Sheath of the Wisdom Body 8 Symbols of the Unconscious 9 Anandamaya Kosha: The Sheath of the Soul Body 10 The Return Maalika Shay Devi Dasi, RYT,Yoga Therapist, guides you through your Physical, Subtle,Psycho-Emotional, Spiritual, and Soul Body using her calming and serene voice, accompanied by an orchestrated musical journey of deep, healing, Sound Therapy by renowned recording artist Erin Johnson.


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