Multi-Level Therapeutic Yoga DVD

Rest into gentle poses with calming breathwork and meditation to wring out tension and restore your nervous system...


This DVD features therapeutic practices designed to alleviate rigidity, reduce anxiety, strengthen breath and mental clarity, sleep better,assist in daily body detoxification and enhance your overall wellness.

PERSONALIZE YOUR PRACTICE: Accessible for those bedridden, this practice can be done from your bed or on the floor.

GREAT FOR EVERY LEVEL: Offering 2-3 different posture options so you can personalize your needs according to your specific conditions and progress at your own pace. 

FEATURES TRANQUIL VISUAL EFFECTS: This unique DVD incorporates Guided Imagery visual effects to enhance the viewers meditation experience. The viewer experiences a tranquil journey with gentle waves of deep relaxation, soft blue skies of spaciousness and quiet sand dunes of grounded solitude. These special effects are meant to allow you to Feel the cerebral spinal fluid like seawater, washing away all mental rigidity.

Featuring transitional resting points in between each sequence, these mini-meditations assist in resetting the nervous system and enhance the Feel and Support of Life flowing through you.

Maalika Shay Devi Dasi is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist who has dedicated her life to teaching the Science and Art of Yoga, Pilates, and Sacred Movement since 2001. She is the founder of Dancing Yogini! Yoga Therapy and Expressive Arts where she specializes in providing over 32 Holistic Services. Maalika teaches extensively in Sarasota, FL and is the Director of The Breathing Space, her private Wellness Center for Spiritual Spa Therapies and Private Yoga Therapy. Maalika hosts Women’s Empowerment Private Programs and Group Intensives/ Retreats. She is the author of various Meditation Scripts and Audio CDs.

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106 Minutes \ DVD \ Widescreen \ Stereo \ Yoga/Health/Wellness

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Multi-Level Therapeutic Yoga DVD
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