Dance Fusion 4 Week Series

A progressive sequencing series for the fitness enthusiast with natural rhythm and agility who appreciates strengthening power, Grace, and Beauty into the Body and Consciousness. A cardiovascular class to promote fluidity in gesture and ability in freedom of expression. The movements are often polarinzing, exploring between classical and modern technique.This is a structured class to develop self-refinement, with limited free-form dance.

* Muse invocation/ Yogic Warmup

*Duncan Philosophy/ Solar Plexus Work

* Rhythmic Barre Discipline/ Foot work

*Simple, repetative dance sketches for cardio

* Music to Classical or World Beat

* Walking, Running, Jumping, Leaping, Whirling, Twirling across the floor in the Spirit of Duncan, Modern, or      World Dance, it varies.


* Must wear ballet slippers

* Your encouraged to stretch prior and to wear flowy feminine attire or tunics

* Not suitable for specific conditions or special needs

Dance Fusion 4 Week Series
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Price $40.00