4 Wk. "Self-Love Series"

A four week series composed of a 90minute Group Yoga Therapy Session each week. End a hectic day by resting in Gentle poses with calming breathwork to wring out tension and restore your nervous system. Therapeutic Yoga: A little Self-Nurturing Therapy never felt So Good. Sleep better, Strengthen Breath and Mental Clarity, Multi-Level, Great for Specific Conditions. Includes Restful Yoga, meditation, and Breathing Practices. Therapeutic Classes offer Complimentary Aromatherapy, herbal Warm Compresses, Personal Rejuvenation Station with mat, blanket, pillow, bolster, eye rest, yoga belt, and yoga block. All classes are non-refundable. If you cant make a class, you can send a friend in your reserved space and they can just pay you if you are interested in a refund or you can gift them your space. Just let me know ahead of time, and give me their Name, Tel. and Email address so I can send them details and directions to class.

Hammock Therapeutic Yoga Private Session
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Price $70.00